Our Parents

Community Involvement

Secure & Safe Environment

Our center is certified by Safelutions Safety Inc. The facility doors remain locked during operating hours with all parents and caregivers entering through the main front doors. Our vast playground is enclosed with a privacy fence allowing your children to play freely in a safe environment. Video monitoring also assures that your little one and the facility is safe during their time at Country Lane and the Loft Dance Studio.

Certified Instructors

Our instructors are certified and have many years of experience working with children. They are CPR certified and maintain ongoing safety training to stay up to date with current life-saving procedures. Each and every person that comes in contact with your child has been through complete background checks. The safety of each and every person on our campus is very highly regarded and your children's safety is our top priority as well.

Our Philosophy

At Country Lane, we recognize that stimulating the total growth of children requires multiple individuals. As such, we strive to coordinate with parents, families, and community partners to provide the up-most of services. Country Lane links parents with local child-development agencies and colleges/universities to expose parents and children to the vast, wonderful community-based opportunities to promote child development.  

We believe that the success of our center is based on the happiness and optimal development of the children in our care. Country Lane recognizes our parents as the “experts” when it comes to their child. As such, we consider our parents as valuable members of our team. We encourage parents to participate in our program by observing children in activities, giving suggestions for additional ways to stimulate the growth of their unique child, and to participate in our regularly scheduled special events. We truly believe parents and families are our greatest resources. 

Every child who comes through our door is a special, exciting new challenge. It is our desire to stimulate your child’s mind through exposure to a variety of activities and experiences. Our philosophy incorporates three key elements. First, we provide a safe, nurturing environment designed specifically for your child’s needs. Secondly, we surround that environment with the key ingredient in your child’s life: LOVE. Our third step is to integrate an exciting, enriched curriculum with your child’s TOTAL development in mind.  

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